Students react to the new hybrid school schedule

Libby Crawford and Elly Green

Over the past week and a half, students have returned to in person school after six months of remote learning, due to COVID-19, and summer break. Students reflect on the new way of hybrid learning by sharing their thoughts on camera. 

Hybrid learning for USD 373 is where seventh-12th grade students are split into two groups, hybrid A and hybrid B. Hybrid A goes on Monday and Tuesday, whereas Hybrid B goes on Thursday and Friday. The days that students are not physically in the building they are participating in remote learning. While both groups are remote on Wednesday, the schools are sanitized and small groups of students are allowed in the building 

Freshmen Berkely Roberson and Max Escobar, sophomores Lana Mayfeild and Zen Pruden, juniors Carter Grosse and Emma Brockman and seniors Asha Reiger and Xzavion Martin share their thoughts on hybrid learning.