COVID-19 part five: Things to do at home


Matt Olson

Things to do during quarantine to pass the time.

Making a schedule: during times when you’re stuck at home every day with seemingly nothing to do, it is easy to want to stay in bed all day instead of doing something productive. Having a daily routine for yourself can help things feel more normal, whatever that means for you. You can make the schedule to best fit your needs/wants.

Painting/Drawing: Having a creative outlet to express your emotions and thoughts can be a good stress reliever, especially in situations where it is easier to feel overwhelmed and anxious about things. This can also help with feeling more productive on a daily basis. Not everyone is going to work every day, so it can be hard to feel like you are doing something meaningful.

Watching Movies: Just because you have a schedule doesn’t mean you have to be doing something productive 24/7. It is okay to just relax sometimes, and watching movies can be a great way to do that. Distracting yourself from thinking about the bad things happening is sometimes necessary.

Growing plants: Gardening is a great idea if you want to go outside every day, but aren’t able to actually go anywhere. Having a responsibility to take care of something can also be a motivator for you to get out of bed every day.

Meditation/Yoga: In stressful times like these, it is important to keep in mind that there are some things you can control. Meditation is often helpful with reducing anxiety and clearing the mind, making it easier to not overthink things. Yoga is one way to stay active if exercising isn’t an option. Taking care of the mind and body is crucial, especially now that you are not engaging in your normal routines.

Cooking: Learning how to cook things at home is a great way to avoid contact with other people, and most likely a healthier option than eating at fast food restaurants every night. And with all this extra time on your hands, this is the best time to learn a life skill that will be useful forever.