Students visit WSU sports medicine facility



Sports medicine students pose in a hammock on the WSU campus.

For the first time, science teacher Fredrick Schmidt’s sports medicine class had the opportunity to visit Wichita State University’s (WSU) sports medicine facilities. The class of nine students will head to WSU on Tuesday, March 2.
The sports medicine class teaches about injuries and treatments for specific parts of the body. Specifically, the class learns about sports and sports-related injuries.
“We start at the foot and work our way up, we look at sports injuries and anatomy,” Schmidt said. “We also look at how your body heals, how injuries occur, ways to rehabilitate, ways to use different types of exercise, the body, and conditioning.”
Last year, Schmidt’s sports medicine class visited Bethel College to check out the athletic training clinics offered at that school. Schmidt said that the class also got to see some of the modalities being used that his class has not gotten a chance to see. With a new class of students, Schmidt hopes that they will get familiar with college sports medicine facilities, also to give his students a better idea of what WSU offers and what other programs may be available.
“I hope it helps in ideas for majors or like even ideas on colleges to go to and requirements that they need to have and be prepared for when you get to college,” Schmidt said.
Senior Tony Lemus attended the field trip with the rest of his class on Tuesday, March 2. He expected that the trip to WSU would give him insight into what the college offers in terms of sports medicine facilities.
“I want to go to college to be a physical therapist, and so I think this will help a lot with learning the anatomy of the body,.” Lemus said.
Lemus recommends taking the sports medicine class if you want to know more about sports injuries and treatments.
“It gives good insight on what athletic trainers do for athletes and precautionary measures that athletes tend to take for participating in sports,” Lemus said.