Dress to impress usable in all situations

Faye Smith

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Imagine this, waking up one morning with the alarm set an hour earlier than usual, time to pick out a nice outfit and eat a nice breakfast, time to talk to friends and get work done in the mornings. How does that day usually pan out? Pretty well for most cases. When the alarm clock is late, no breakfast, and all there is to wear is a pair of dirty sweatpants and an old softball hoodie from freshman year, those days may not be as great as people sought them out to be. Dressing well reflects not only on one’s mood but on one’s productivity as well.

Medicaldaily.com suggests that one of the best ways to boost confidence is to dress to impress. Boosting confidence at the beginning of the day, is one of the many great things to start your day off with. But, those days where there may not be any time, or desire to dress nicely, it may increase productivity, but there may not be as much confidence in the air. Trading in the tennis shoes for a pair of pumps may end up being the better decision.

There is definitely nothing wrong with dressing down every once in awhile, but dressing up is a way to express one’s self. Even if it is something the entire school may not wear (i.e flare jeans, they are great!), it guarantees for some stares and potential compliments. The times are always changing, if something may not be in style now, it was or will be in the future. After all, life is too short to wear drab clothes and have a bad attitude. No matter what the case is, put on a skirt and heels, and seize the day.