Iranian conflict day five: prioritization editorial

Trump should change the way we allocate money


From the beginning, presidents have historically wanted to have the biggest military. Now there have been talks about another war breaking out, President Donald Trump has given the military two trillion dollars. While the military should have the best equipment to defend our country I do not think that Trump is prioritizing money given throughout our country fairly.
Recently, Trump added stricter rules to who can get food stamps or supplemental nutrition assistance program. Now that fewer and fewer people are able to get food stamps they are no longer getting the nutrition and food they need to get by. According to over 700,000 people who depend on food stamps are now going to starve. Given the fact that Trump gave trillions of dollars to the military, he should be investing money in our own communities.
With the changes in different programs helping the poor and hungry, Trump has also made major cuts and defunds in medicare. Medicare is a health insurance program that is for low-income families. According to there are over 72 million Americans that are a part of this insurance program. The cuts that are being made to these programs that will help with the poor are drastic, in Trump’s 2018 budget plan he has 800 billion dollars that are being cut from those different programs.
According to 21% of children live in families that live in poverty. These families need programs to go to that will help them when they can not feed their children and themselves. While Trump is set on making sure our military is the best it can be with the newest equipment, there are starving Americans all around us and Trump is taking away the programs that were set to keep them from starving and making sure they are able to go to the doctor.
Along with children and families that are not able to get food stamps, Trump has made it harder for students to be eligible for free and reduced lunches. While half of the students that were eligible for the free lunches will still be qualified for free lunches the other half will either have to pay full price or reduced. According to, 40,000 students are now receiving free school lunches.
At the moment the United States is in the highest debt it has ever been, at 22 trillion dollars. We should not give the military $3 trillion while we are $22 trillion in debt. The Trump Administration needs to change the way they prioritize programs in the budget and start putting the American people first.