Ray trains as new counselor for 2020-21 school year

With a student body of over 1,000, having only three counselors to help with scheduling, college searches and different academic opportunities was not enough. In past years it was normal to have four counselors in the building. Due to budget cuts, this year’s fourth spot wasn’t refilled until the second semester by counselor Ivy Ray.
When the alphabet is split up, each counselor is assigned around 330 students. Fewer students with each counselor will help with being able to meet with more of the students throughout the year.
“The American School Counselor Association recommendation is one counselor for 250 students. The addition of a fourth counselor brings us into that recommended ratio,” counselor Jana Crittenden said.
Ray has always had a passion to be a school counselor and said that she wants to have an impact on students’ lives, for example, helping with their college search while figuring out what they will do for the rest of their lives.
“I hope to be able to help with their academic goals and their life goals and helping them with scheduling classes,” Ray said
With a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Ray is continuing to get her master’s degree in school counseling. During the 2020-21 school year, Ray will graduate with her master’s and then began working as a full time counselor.
“This is really just a learning semester for me. I’m really just here to help them out. The plan is to be fully certified by next semester so that I can be a full fledged counselor,” Ray said.
While following her passion for making an impact on students’ lives and her career in school counseling. Ray has a view of how she believes counselors make a difference and why they are important.
“Being a counselor means so many things like following my passion, helping others, developing relationships, problem solving and having the opportunity to help someone else out there having a bad day or a good day,” Ray said.