Students compete in SCKMEA

Many students do not know what goes behind the hours of tedious work that the band, Orchestra and choirs go to qualify for state. South Central Kansas Music Educators Association (SCKMEA) is a prestigious group of the best students in choir, band, and orchestra in the Wichita area. In each audition for the three categories, students were taken into a room and had to sing, perform a sight read, and play a section of a piece of music they were given in advance, depending on which group they were with.
“[Being in KMEA] is basically explaining that you’re one of the best in the region. If you make it, you get to be in a group with other talented people and you get to be a part of that,” junior Carsen Ebert said.
After going into the audition room, each students were in a room of judges with their backs turned the other way, to prevent bias.
“The hardest part has been the audition. It’s been really stressful going into the rooms with people judging you and not looking at you,” freshman Taylor Redington said.
After auditioning, each student had to go to the official KMEA website to see if they qualified for regionals.
“Going to the website was really stressful. I was nervous that I didn’t get in. I didn’t really want to look,” senior Grace Clayton said.
Once they found out if they qualified, students got emailed the music they needed to practice. In early December, each group will have a performance at East High in Wichita after practicing the full day prior to the concert.
“I hope that I can become a better singer and make state someday,” junior Ezekiel Thompson said.

Honored Students:

Band: Joshua Kennell, Dhriti Sriram, Ryan Ruggiero, Joey Gile, Brandon Montgomery, Josh Bergman, Rebecca Miller, Alexander Barnett, Taylor Redington, Kaden Anderson, Lindsey Luinstra, and Jonah Schlonegr

Choir: Grace Clayton, Mackenzie Glasmann, Madyson Groves, Isaac Mendoza, Gretchen Otter, Eli Regier, and Ezekiel Thompson!

Orchestra: Josue Coy Dick, Abby Chappell Deckert, Carsen Ebert, John Mark Koontz.

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