Owens teaches himself piano

Piano Keys.

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Piano Keys.

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The piano is known as one of the most difficult instruments to play. Learning to play the piano without guidance and sheet music in front of you can be inferred to be even more difficult. Junior Taylin Owens however has taught himself to play the piano, without a teacher and without reading sheet music.
Owens first found himself interested in music at the age of seven. He was first introduced to the piano via the electronic game Don’t Touch The White Tile. Owens was listening to the song Fur Elise written by Ludwig van Beethoven through the game and wanted to play it on the piano. He then taught himself how to play it.
“I like playing anything, but slow songs are probably my favorite,” Owens said. “Right now, I’m working on Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.”
Since Owens does not use sheet music, he has developed his own way of learning music. First he goes to Youtube and listens to his song of choice’s notes and then he figures out the rest on his own. Owens has considered taking private lessons\; however, he has proven that he can reach the same level of success of those who do take private lessons.
“I’ve faced a lot of challenges,” Owens said. “Such as a lot of the hand movements hurt my fingers. I catch on rather easily when I’m teaching myself, but I feel like if I took lessons I’d be a lot better.”
Owens has found great support in his friends. Junior Isaac Hernandez, who has been best friends with Taylin since they were in kindergarten together at Sunset Elementary, said that Taylin is an excellent pianist. Hernandez appreciates the happiness Owens finds in playing the piano and the fact that playing the piano keeps Owens out of trouble.
“He is a really nice guy once you get to know him,” Hernandez said. “The things he laughs about just makes everybody smile. He loves playing the piano and playing the piano seems to always keep him happy.”

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