Students express opinions of online study devices


Daniel Gonzalez-Areva

Results of students and teachers’ favorite study resources (out of 82 responses).

Taking a test or quiz is one of the situations most high school students dread. This could be due to all of the nerves and stress that comes with preparing for an event like this. There are many different approaches to studying for tests. For some, reading information about the subject from a book is the best way to prepare for these situations. However, a popular way to prepare for tests and study material for classes has been to use online resources such as Quizlet.
Quizlet and other online study devices are meant to allow students to create their own virtual study sets. They give access to many different tools such as flashcards, minigames and practice tests. For sophomore Madelynn Hamm, the ability to use this resource for many different classes proves to be useful.
“I use quizlet all the time,” Hamm said. “For Chemistry, English vocabulary quizzes and Algebra, sometimes.”
Sophomore Ben Friesen Guhr, also believes online study devices are something that is useful to students. Friesen Guhr believes having access to all of these resources and creations others have made could motivate others to study.
“It’s useful for people who aren’t the best at studying,” Friesen Guhr said. “This can help them get into good habits of studying for tests and stuff.”
However, students are not the only people in support of online study devices. In a poll sent throughout NHS, the majority of students and teachers voted in support of online study devices. Quizlet proved to be the most popular one.
“It’s useful for reviewing information,” Hamm said. “You don’t have to waste paper because that’s not good for the environment.”
No matter how popular these resources may be, they will not necessarily be everyone’s favorite. Some students will still continue to prefer physical study resources like textbooks and notes. However, even for students who are in support of online study devices can acknowledge flaws in the current versions of the websites.
“Some of them may be flawed,” Friesen Guhr said. “It might be hard to find certain things to study or study sets that have good information to use.”