Students describe immigrant culture

Sophomore Jennifer Rubio poses with the Mexican flag.

Immigration has been a hot topic for the past few years. It is one of the most talked about topics in the news and media. Everyone seems to have an opinion in regards to the topic and will fight to defend it. Not everyone however knows what it is like to be raised by a family of immigrants.

Sophomores Cynthia Torres and Jennifer Rubio were both raised by parents who immigrated from Mexico. Growing up, both experienced restrictions from their parents because of their status in the U.S .

“I found out at a young age [that my parents were immigrants], because I just wasn’t allowed to go out a lot,” Torres said. “It was just my parents being careful, just so that they wouldn’t get in trouble.”

Both students feel proud of everything their parents went through to come to the United States. They value all of the life lessons their parents taught them growing up.

“It made me feel proud that they risked their lives for us by coming over here and giving us everything,” Rubio said. “They’ve taught me to be brave and not to be afraid to go after things that I want.”

The process that the students’ parents went through to give them a better and safer life has caused them to feel pressured to do well in school. Rubio also feels as though she is viewed differently by others and is judged more.

“My parents had taught me that not everything is easy and that I have to basically accept the fact that I’ll be viewed differently as others,” Rubio said. “I feel like me and other kids like me are judged a lot more.”

In the political world, immigration is one of the most talked about topics in presidential debates. A lot of people in recent years have expressed their opinions on the topic and why they are either for or against it. Torres thinks it is important for people to understand that we are all different and will have different views.

“Well, recently because of politics and stuff, a lot of people are against immigrants,” Torres said. “It’s just the way we view things and understanding that everyone is different from each other.”

Even with the recent heated debates in regard to immigration both students said they have not received any threats. They both want to continue to work hard in school and life so they do not let their parents’ sacrifices go to waste.

“My parents, they came over here specifically so my sisters and I could have a better future,” Torres said. “So they want us to work harder and do better than them, because they did finish school and they wanted to do more, but they wanted to help us out so instead they moved here.”