Parent-Teacher Conferences

Shelby Spreier

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March 10, 2020
Junior Savannah Garcia hands out a paper from the STUCO welcoming table to a parent.

To put an end to the first quarter, one of the two parent-teacher conferences was held on Oct. 15 from 3:30-8:30 p.m, the second day will be on Oct. 28 during the same time as the previous conferences. Each teacher had their own table to meet with parents/students, tables were placed throughout the halls and commons.

Students were responsible for setting up a time to meet with their seminar teacher to discuss grades and future plans after high school.

The opinions of conference vary between students, some feel they are necessary.

“I like having conferences. I think they are necessary because it helps the teachers communicate with the parents about the student. It also helps the student stay on top of work,” senior Avery Treffer said.

Other students feel they are unnecessary for everyone to go.

“I honestly think if you’re doing well in school and have no issues then you don’t need to go. I don’t think it should be a mandatory thing for everyone,” junior Kalane Alumbaugh said

Students who met with their seminar teacher will be able to leave early during seminar on the day chosen by administration. Along with the early dismissal, students who visited all their teachers and filled the BINGO sheet were entered in a drawing.


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