Hillbilly Olympics

Shelby Spreier

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Pulling his apple out first, junior Cole Billinger holds his apple in his mouth.

To end FFA week, the FFA officers put together a hillbilly olympics for students during seminar on Feb. 28. Those that wanted to come had to get their agendas stamped beforehand which caused complications for many students because it was originally planned for Feb. 27 but had to be changed last minute.

“We had to change the dates because we had planned for it to be outside but it was really cold so we had to move everything inside, not that many people showed up because of the date change but everyone still had a good time,” junior Keaton Benedick said.

The hillbilly olympics consisted of many different competitions including sunflower seed spitting, money scramble, dummy roping, cup stacking, bobbing for apples and hula hooping. Due to the number of people that came to play, everyone competed against each other in single teams.

“I enjoyed all the fun games and being able to goof around with everyone, my favorite part was the roping contest because I had never done it before and I enjoyed learning how to do it,” junior Krista Eagan said.

Due to the number of people that were able to come to the hillbilly olympics, each student that participated received a prize.