New English teachers share personal poems

Joining the English department are former college professor Lael Ewy, veteran teacher Kynda Faythe and a new transition to teaching first year teacher Sarah Huslig. All three are teaching general English courses spanning freshmen through juniors. 

Each wrote their own personal poem to share as an introduction to their self.

Kynda Faythe

Daniel Gonzalez-Arevalo

A Bohemian-esqu wanderer with a passion for storytelling and words

A fourth-generation educator who fell into teaching upon happenstance

A pez-tastic, kindred spaz who is continually searching for her next adventure

Armed with trivial knowledge, a wealth of world travels, a plethora of life experiences, and a source of never-ending curiosity, Ms. Faythe take the road less traveled

The journey has made all the difference

Lael Ewy

Elly Green

The problem, dear reader,

is that all poems are about the self–

or rather, about distance

from the self, they are maps

delineating speaker from reader,

subject from self. I object

to constraint within

those lines, yet am happy

after all to hold my voice

within them.

Sarah Huslig

Always up for new adventures

Fearlessly delving into uncharted territory

With a love of English and literature

Unconditionally willing to lend a helping hand

Happy to find a new home at Newton High

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