Drama 3/4 to put on ‘Radium Girls’

Lorelei Jacobs, Reporter

Seniors Chelsie Penner and Mollee Ewert-Smith and junior Creed Ekerberg go over lines at rehearsal for Radium Girls. The production will be presented at Newton High School on April 5 and 6.

On April 5 and 6 the drama 3-4 class will be presenting the play Radium Girls. This is a historical drama that covers the women affected by the radium-laced paint they were exposed to in the factory that they work at. This was determined by a vote during a class discussion.

“We talked about what it takes to put on a successful production, what we wanted to do, what’s the purpose of theater and then how to implement that with our class production,” drama teacher Jessica Heidrick said.

Shows on the list covered many different genres but the class settled with a historical drama which is different from the other productions that the drama department has presented this year.

While the play is different for the class, it is also different from other productions that senior Dylan Vajnar has participated in. Vajner plays five roles in the show rather than just one.

“I’ve only ever been in two shows and I never had a speaking role and now all five of mine I actually have to speak and one of them being a somewhat decently sized important role,” Vajner said.

Vajner says he has enjoyed working on the production and owes it all to Heidrick and her teaching style.

“You’re gonna enjoy the experience not just the show and the acting aspect of it,” Vajner says.

This show is a first for senior Mollee Ewert-Smith, who plays Nancy Jane Harlan, a reporter for the New York Graphic. She auditioned at the advice of her friends.

“It’s my senior year so I said okay and I don’t regret it,” Ewert-Smith said.