Spring Pep Rally – March 22

Mallory Seirer

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Raising their hands, junior Chandlor Buffalo, the Railiners, Mailiners and Cheer squad sing the alma mater.

Though each pep rally has its own unique activities, most follow the same sequence of events. Starting with the national anthem, athletic director Brian Becker takes us through athlete introductions and performances. Seniors Seth Bontrager and Legacy Victorio-Coto spoke on behalf of the boys’ tennis and girls’ soccer, respectively.

“I was so nervous because I’ve never talked in front of that many people before,” Victorio-Coto said. “I said the seniors’ nicknames instead of their actual names and I accidentally skipped out on the foreign exchange students who play. I felt so bad. Besides that, it was okay.”

This year’s spring pep rally invigorated the student body through new performances by the ‘Mailiners’ and an intense game of musical chairs played by staff and spring sport captains.

“I love games and I’m highly competitive so musical chairs was a good time,” journalism teacher Robin Montano said. “I wanted to win, and as I observed other people I could see that rules were out the window. Beating Mr. Skinner [was my favorite part]. He and I are uber competitive. He thought he was going to get me by moving the chair around and even though I was standing, my butt was still in the chair. I just outmuscled him.”

After football coach and history teacher Chris Jaax won the game, athlete introductions finished with a short address from senior Rebeca Raymundo. Raymundo encouraged the student body to come support the track athletes, in particular the girls, on their path to a fourth straight state championship.

The final pep rally of the year concluded with the singing of our alma mater led by the Railiners, Mailiners, and cheer squad.

“It makes me feel really happy to be singing with my team and having a great time with everybody,” junior Chandlor Buffalo said.