Give Thanksgiving its time before starting Christmas season

Caroline Barger

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Stores will have Christmas decorations up and advertisements about Black Friday posted before people have even started preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is becoming less important and stores are opening their doors earlier each year. Shoppers have become so determined to get the best deal possible that they will skip cooking so that they can check out deals, or get a spot in the front of the line. Some have even resorted to celebrating while awaiting the opening of the doors at their favorite store.

People are not only cutting their Thanksgiving celebrations short to stand in line, they are also spending hours online trying to find what stores provide the best deals. According to a survey run by eBates, 20% of shoppers will scope out deals instead of cooking dinner earlier in the day.

To some Americans, Thanksgiving is just another day in the year with no meaning or significance. They would rather grab take-out food on their way to getting a head start on their Christmas list, than have a homemade meal with their family.

Although people may be obsessed with trying to get the lowest prices on gifts, it is not the only way Thanksgiving gets overlooked. Shortly after Halloween, the Christmas lights have been put up on various houses, some households have even put up a tree in their living room. In addition, stores leave out Thanksgiving as well by putting out wrapping paper and decorations as soon as the fall season hits.

There are many positives about Thanksgiving that get overlooked, such as the traditional game of football in the backyard, catching up with family and friends, and getting to eat a diverse variety of foods. It is important to spend Thanksgiving being grateful instead of jumping forward to the Christmas season where people become materialistic and tend to focus more on receiving rather