College admission scandals show corruption within upper class

College admission scandals show corruption within upper class

Going from televisions screens in the 90s to headlines on March 11, Lori Loughlin, famous for her role in “Fuller House”, was one of multiple prominent figures to have allegedly bribed college coaches and other insiders to get her children into some of the nation’s most selective colleges. As a young adult preparing to enter into post-secondary education, it is simply enraging that those of prominence put their wealth towards a quality reputation. The closer observation of prominent figures is necessary in today’s society as their actions have affected the lives of those everywhere.

While Laughlin’s has received punishment for her actions in the form of her declining reputation, there are still young adults all over the nation that have lost the opportunity to attend prestigious colleges. For example, YouTuber Emma Monden put an enormous effort in her application to the University of South Carolina. The internet star was disheartened after being rejected by the college and furthermore hearing of the corruption in the college admittance system.

In addition to Loughlin, there were a multitude of other figures, many of them prominent in law, finance, fashion and other fields, that were were charged. In most cases, the involvement of college coaches played a large role in the scandals. Coaches in sports anywhere from soccer to water polo took payoffs to put students on lists of recruited athletes, regardless of athletic ability. Many of the “recruited athletes” did not even end of participating in the sports in which they were believed to excel.

Not only did lies and bribery manage to get celebrity children into college, but they assisted in making for promising academic performances. Prosecutors report that parents falsified the health of their children by claiming they had learning disabilities, earning the celebrity students the chance to take the ACT or SAT by themselves and receiving extra time.

On the contrary, your typical high school and or college student comes to school everyday with the expectation of earning themselves an education. The prominent figures involved in such a scandal have ripped away the belief that hard work and dedication will fuel students through school. And what for? It is no secret to the public that Lori Loughlin’s daughter did not need any further education to live a prosperous life. Not only were opportunities taken, but it was all to better an already notable family name.

To remove the threat of corruption by wealth and fame, the public must take a meticulous observation of the actions of prominent figures. The lives of celebrities go deeper than the pictures in the pages of magazines and could even being altering your life down the road.

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