Zumba Spanish Club – March 4

Dancing in the back, freshmen Mackenzie Cusick, Allyson Symonds, Stephanie Castillo Porras and Adriana Loewen laugh together as they follow the leader.

Tony Lemus, Marketing Team

Activity after activity, the Spanish club is doing something every meeting. For every holiday, or to spread a positive word, the club has something going on. The most recent meeting on Mar. 4, the members had the opportunity to participate in Zumba dancing led by Rose Jackson.

“Our president, vice president, secretary give us ideas but we also give suggestions, Mrs. Ochoa and I, because I’ve been here forever,” club sponsor Cheryl Loeffler said.

With her experience, Loeffler has noticed which activities work well with students and which ones do not go so well.

“Zumba’s been good. We used to have a Salsa instructor too. We ask around [for instructors] and went to the YMCA. We had a teacher who used to teach Zumba before, and so she would do it for us,” Loeffler says.