Homecoming Basketball – February 15

Sophomore Lindsey Antonowich blocks her opponent from getting the ball.

Tony Lemus, Marketing Team

Winter homecoming came immediately after Valentine’s Day, as well as a day Newton didn’t have school. Students were free and able to join the student section of the basketball games against Andover. Although Andover had won the games, the student section in Ravenscroft Gym was as interactive, if not more interactive, than other basketball games. Students wore black and gold, waved around black and gold items and also held up cutouts of some varsity players’ heads.

“I loved the reactions when huge dunks happen or big blocks,” senior Damarius Peterson said.

The student section would roar when a Newton player would make a successful play. The same would happen when an opposing player would be shooting a free throw, but instead with different emotions.

“I love everyone screaming and going insane especially Camden Fenwick. I love the energy he brings to games as well as Colton Davis,” Peterson said.