The only school supplies students really need

    Aydan Rolph

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    1. More than one pencil – as surprising as it is, you will need more than one pencil for the entire school year, and it’s particularly annoying when people ask for a pencil on the second day of school.
    2. Something to write down homework on- You don’t have to buy a LifePlanner to be organized. You should, however, write down all of your homework. Not only does it help you remember your homework, but it gives you an example for when parents ask you, “why are you so tired? I wasn’t this tired as a teenager”
    3. An empty pack of gum, so when someone asks you for a piece of gum, just show them the empty pack. Life hack.
    4. A coffee mug- One of the main reasons why kids hate school so much is that it strips them of their individuality. Nothing says “quirky” like a coffee mug that says “coffee so bitter that it tells kids to get off its lawn”
    5. More than one notebook- It is entirely impossible to get through every classes notes with only one notebook. At some point, you will get bored, and you will rip out a piece of paper and doodle. And then another. Until eventually, you have three more pages to write the entirety of your second semester history notes on.
    6. Erasers- At some point, you will make a huge mistake. Make sure that you’re prepared for the ones you can erase.
    7. A good attitude- However cliche, it really is important to have a good attitude going into the school day. We all have days where we don’t want to go to school. So do teachers. However, slacking off for multiple days will add up and ultimately hurt you.