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In place of chocolate chips, senior Megan Bartel cuts up chocolate.

Most classes are the same. Students sit, take notes and take tests. In other courses, students learn life skills like cooking and communicating in different languages. Freshman Ann Pomeroy is enrolled in Spanish I, taught by Spanish teacher Chandler Ochoa.

“I like Spanish because it’ll like teach you how to communicate with other people if you want to travel and it’ll be helpful for your future,” Pomeroy said. “It’s different because it’s more based around communication with your peers. It’s not just the teacher talking to you, you actually get to talk to the students and learn that way instead.”

Ochoa incorporates flexible seating into her classroom. Though this choice is not popular among all students, some enjoy it.

“I think [the unique seating] is fine,” Pomeroy said. “You’re able to look at your classmates. We do lots of circle activities and it helps us communicate better.”

Multiple classes are offered to help students learn life skills. Senior Megan Bartel is enrolled in Culinary Essentials, a class devoted to helping students learn how to cook different type of food.

“I took this class because I’m going to college next year and I kind of need to learn how to cook,” Bartel said. “I love the cooking and learning how to cook new stuff in a healthier way.”

Going to school does not have to be simply taking notes and tests. Students can learn skills that will help them throughout their life.

“I do encourage people to take this class because you get to eat during the class and you get the life skills and how to cook,” Bartel said.