1st Clubs – January 18

Tony Lemus

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Many students met on Jan 18 to participate in different club events such as playing video games, trivia or others such as art. Esports and Anime Club are both examples of well-populated clubs. Although Esports is not a first club, they still met to play on Friday. Spots in both clubs filled in less than a week of the opening of club sign up.

“I think the appeal of Anime Club is simple. It’s just anime,” junior James Tyrell said. “We don’t do anything challenging, all it is is fans meeting other fans of their favorite shows and manga. We watch sample shows during meetings to expand our club members taste in genres.”

Members in Anime Club had to grab their spots as soon as they could. That, or they had to get a spot reserved.

“It’s because there is always an anime for everyone, and once you find that one you get involved and a very active community,” Tyrell said.