Cheerleaders attend UCA camp

Payton Fenwick

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Following in the footsteps of the new assistant coach Katie Lewis, the cheer team went to their first ever Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) camp on July 6. The cheer team has always gone to National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) camps in the past years, but was pleased by the change of pace this year.

UCA focuses on being gameday ready while NCA concentrates on being performance ready. UCA is modelled around the idea that cheerleaders are responsible for getting the crowd involved and is focused more toward athletes who desire to cheer in college.

“In my opinion, (the cheer team) killed it at camp. All five seniors made the All American team and we received the Top Banana which represents the same ideals as a spirit stick but times ten,” senior Sarah McFarlane said. “On the final day, we as a program brought home ten first and second trophies, two spirit sticks and a tradition plaque.”

Cheer camp provides an opportunity for freshman to learn new skills and coaches to get acquainted with their team members.

“The girls really liked it. It was grueling and exhausting at times, but we learned a lot. I think camp prepared the new members for what’s expected this season and we’re excited to get out there,” head coach Angie Voth said.
With a well-rounded team of bases and fliers, the cheer team is ready to pump up crowds and start the school year.