Staying serious about academics critical during senior year

Senior year: the focus of many movies, childhood dreams and teenage expectations. The pinnacle of government-mandated education. With all the hype surrounding it, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of being the big man on campus. But seriously seniors, it’s time to get real. Being a senior does come with some perks: front row seats at sporting events, senior pictures and of course being only one year away from sweet freedom. However, there’s a good chance it won’t play out like High School Musical 3.

Senior year can seem like a breeze, filled with fun memories and lots of lasts. Though it’s important to enjoy the final year of high school, there’s a lot of work to still be done. Many Advanced Placement (AP) classes are available, with AP tests that can turn into college credit. A high AP test score can save a lot of tuition costs, but it requires a lot of serious studying. Some classes are offered through Hutch, also providing credit for the future. These classes may be more challenging than a standard high school class, but spending a little more time studying during senior year can really pay off in the long run.

College preparation is also a key part of senior year. Admissions essays, applications and resumes will be an important part of making it into the perfect college. For athletes hoping to take their game to the next level, workouts, visits and getting film out to coaches will be an important factor. Choosing an institution of higher education is no matter to take lightly, and should be given serious consideration.

It’s alright to bask in the seniority glory once in awhile, but it’s also time to get serious. The next four years will be far more important than the past. Selecting a perfect college takes time, effort and campus visits. There will be thousands of scholarships available to apply for, GPAs raise for scholarships or to retain admittance into colleges, and ACT scores still have time to rise a few points. Having fun is important as well, but staying on top of the future is the most important part of senior year.

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