Celebrity role models are no longer positive influences

Incarcerated stars set bad example for impressionable teens

Payton Fenwick

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Generations ago, celebrities were used as symbols of what people should model themselves after. Not for beauty, but for things that matter like charity donations and community service. Today, all people hear from the news and tabloids are celebrities being arrested for driving under the influence, nasty divorces and using their fame as a way of getting out of a sticky situation. Teens of America are becoming more and more violent and greedy. Is this because of the natural circle of life, or is it the celebrities these teens look up to? The facts all point to the latter.

According to dailymail.com, one third of America’s teenagers were arrested by the time they were 23 years old in 2014. Not only are these so called “role models” being arrested more rapidly, but the crimes these famous icons are being arrested for are becoming more and more violent as time goes by.
Take Johnny Depp for example. Depp has appeared in up to 58 films and is a well-known celebrity in America. He is known as one of the most versatile actors of this generation. According to looktothestars.org, he is involved with the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, donating two million dollars in 2007. He seems to be a wonderful person to look up to. Now, Depp is all over magazine covers and gossip websites after being accused of domestic violence. Teens looking up to Depp now have an unhealthy role model. It’s the expression that children are told everywhere, “If he jumps off a bridge, does that mean you will too.”

If teens are following in the steps of their celebrity role models, does that mean they will end up arrested for driving under the influence and assaulting innocent people? Those in the spotlight need to provide a positive image for those looking up to them, rather than using their scandalous behavior to land in the tabloids.