KSHSAA buffer week affects student athletes in positive way

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The Kansas State High School Activities Association requires one week in between fall and winter sports seasons known as the buffer week. Falling on Nov. 5-11, Athletes are using this time to catch up on school work, allow their bodies to recuperate, and prepare themselves for the winter season.

Freshman Hallie Watkins appreciates the buffer week as it is a way to catch up on academics, as she is involved in girls tennis in the fall, and girls basketball in the winter.

“I think it’s smart because it gives you an extra week for academics, and me personally, it’s hard to get to all of your classes especially my seventh hour for sports, so I appreciate it.” Watkins said.

During buffer week, athletes are not allowed to practice in school owned facilities as well as not being able to compete in school sanctioned sports. But, outside school is fair game. Athletes also use this time to work on individualized work outs.

Junior Henry Claassen uses this time to swim at the YMCA as well as doing weight lifting to stay in shape for swim, which he believes helps in the long run.

“For swim especially you can’t hop right into practice, by doing that you’re killing yourself. It’s better for your own well being if you begin before the season that way your body is used to the work,” junior Henry Claassen said. “This way you not only have better practices, but your in better shape to essentially push harder when it counts the most.”

Although there is not a required buffer week for winter and spring sports, sophomore Marah Zenner believes that it is still necessary for her academic needs.

“I think [buffer week] is helpful, I know it helps me out a lot getting caught up and stuff before another sport starts,” Zenner said.