Former Newton athletes shine at collegiate level

Michaela Regier, Sports Reporter

Taylor Edson – Soccer player at Butler College

What is different about soccer at the collegiate level?
“The intensity level. At practice we were always giving 110% . You are always competing against someone for your spot on the team because there are a lot of good girls on my team and then we played teams from all over the country and they were really good from their area too.”

Was it hard to find time to relax outside of the sport?
“I still had times when I was bored. I loved always doing stuff and so soccer helped me with that.”

Tevin Berry – Basketball player at Butler College

How do you keep up with school work as an athlete?
“There is gonna to be sometimes where you have to drive four or five hours for a game and you get back at one in the morning, then you are gonna get back and have to do your homework and I don’t wanna do that so I would just say get your work done early. It’s probably the most effective way to stay on top of things.”

Do you think you would have regretted not playing?
“It gets hard sometimes but I’m just thankful I get to go out and compete because I know not everyone gets the chance to.”

Jana Boston – Volleyball player at Friends Univ.

How is collegiate volleyball harder?
“In college you basically do the skill over and over again until you get it and if it takes 30 minutes or it takes three hours you are gonna stay until you get it right.”

What is the biggest difference between high school and college?
“You are definitely on your own. Communication is a really big thing. You have to be responsible, and pay attention to your school work, your sport, and just stuff you need around your house or dorm.”