Library Advisory Board kicking into high gear with projects

Group of students bringing awareness, popularity to school library

Katherine Lindgren

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The Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB) was established last year, but during the 2016-17 school year, they have become even more involved in the school. Members from every grade level come together to improve the school library, present contests and ultimately bring awareness and more students to the library.

“We plan out activities and events for students to participate in, and sometimes we decorate the library. We also did a charity project,” senior Corwin Stark said.

In line with their literature based cub, this project aimed to help underprivileged children become more interested in reading.

“In late September, they started shelf improvement month, which was a takeoff on self improvement month. They did this to make money to provide books for children who possibly didn’t have books. Through lunchtime donations, they raised $446. It was a classroom competition with COTY points awarded for every dollar. They worked in conjunction with United Way and the money will go to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, and I think it’ll be enough to provide sixteen children with a book a month in the mail from birth to age five,” librarian Traci Henning said.

As students, members of SLAB have a unique insight into what kinds of contests and promotions would draw in their peers. They have sponsored a number of reading and writing based competitions, open to all high school students.

“Right now, in conjunction with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, they’re doing Fantastic Facts and Where To Find Them to promote the reading of non-fiction. They have a contest going and there will be a prize awarded for that,” Henning said.

The organization also has began an annual spring tradition.

“We did a March Madness book version during regular (basketball) March Madness and we’ll do that again. The SLAB students are going to help with some of the balloting and tabulating on that,” Henning said.

Stark has helped lead the way for the board this year.

“Corwin is your guy for this. He’s very interested and wants the library to be used. We don’t have officers, but he’s one of the four seniors. The seniors have taken on leadership, particularly Corwin. He’s leading the charge and making things happen,” Henning said.

His passion for libraries has been a factor in his dedication to the club.

“I like libraries, and I want to work in one when I’m older,” Stark said.

Despite his personal connection to libraries, Stark finds the most rewarding part of being an advisory board member is the connections he makes with his peers.

“The people would probably be one of the best parts of it, and the involvement,” Stark said.

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