Treaster, Roberson brothers compete alongside each other

Erica Beebe

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This year, the wrestling team had more of a “brotherhood” than past. Logan and Grant Treaster and Brody and Boone Roberson wrestled together this winter season. The Treaster brothers have wrestled together for 11 years while the Roberson brothers have wrestled together for ten. This will be the first year they all wrestle together competitively in high school. The younger siblings make the older siblings stay at the top of their game.

“Having him here, I’ve always tried to step up my performance when he’s watching and be a role model for him. During practice if he’s over on weight I’ll try to push him as much as I can. If I need help on a move he’ll help me sometimes and he’ll just help me as a practice partner,” Brody said.

The brothers work together and acknowledge each other’s input and comments. They help each other through the hardest parts of the season.

“Having him in the room just helps me out with a lot of things, he gives me little critiques that help me out on the mat. He’s been there to help me make weight and give me tips to help me lose that extra half pound,” Boone said.


Wrestling coach Tommy Edgmon, who has coached wrestling for t

Michaela Regier
Freshman Boone Roberson and senior Brody Roberson

hree years in Newton, is pleased with the teamwork and cohesiveness he sees.

“It is pretty awesome having the older sibling and seeing the younger sibling come in. For one, it is kind of a new thing for them coming into the high school room being used to the middle school room or the kids club. They come to the high school and have an older sibling and adapt a little easier because the older sibling put them under their wing,” Edgmon said.

Brody and Logan are both seniors this year and both have qualified for state three years. The brothers have learned how to wrestle together with friendly sibling rivalry.


“The older sibling is a

Michaela Regier
Senior Logan Treaster and freshman Grant Treaster

little stronger and more experienced. When they wrestle their younger brother they do sometimes put it to them, but at the same time they take it easy, they show them, and they work with them,” Edgmon said.

At the recent TOC (Tournament of Champs) meet, the brothers showed what they’ve worked on in practice. Logan got first in his weight group of 120 lbs while Grant got third in the 106 weight group.

“We push each other harder and it’s nice having a practice partner,” Logan said.

Brody has qualified for state two times and Logan has placed each year. This year, with their siblings by their side, the boys look forward to a great end to the season at state.