Fall Fest brings together players, community, performers

Like any annual event, Fall Fest is a mixture of tradition, preparation and nerves. It brings forth different thoughts and feelings for its participants and supporters, which can vary from year to year. This year’s activities began with a volleyball scrimmage in Willis Gym.

“[Fall Fest] helps bring us all together when we scrimmage or we practice,” junior Azia Ray said.

Despite Ray’s enthusiasm about its impact, head volleyball coach Jamie Dibbens believes it is more traditional than true preparation.

“I don’t know if tonight has an impact on the season other than the parents wanting to see us. But we’ve been working hard the last few days of practice. Last friday we scrimmaged our alumni, I felt like that really helped,” Dibbens said.

Whatever way Fall Fest affects the team and community, it continues to be an important annual event. One that includes preparation that can bring stress and impatience to its participants.

“This is my fourth year doing it so I knew it was going to be a stressful day. I went into it with an open mind and stayed patient and calm all day,” senior Amanda Dorrell said.

One thing that keeps spirits high and stress low for the team is making shirts. This bonding activity allows players to create shirts customized by color and decorations according to their grade.

“It’s just a way to bring your class together, so you can represent your class. It’s cool to see all the different designs,” junior Victoria Renner said.

Not every sport or activity knows what their goal is for the upcoming season or year, but Volleyball has a clear one.

“I think this year we’re going to have more of a redemption mindset,” Dorell said.

Soon after the volleyball scrimmage at the high school, the boys soccer team began their scrimmage at Fischer Field. Senior Jose Moreno is confident in the freshman players this year and believes that they will fill in the roles left open by last year’s seniors. He is looking forward to a great season.

While some might say that Fall Fest is all about the sports, the performers of Fall Fest have goals and work of their own to put forth.

The Railiner dance team has been holding practices at Newton Performing Arts Center for most of the summer and attended a dance camp in Nebraska to prepare for the season.

“Fall fest for me is most exciting because I get to perform with my team, the Railiners, and we get to showcase what we worked on all summer and at camp,” junior Taylor
Tasaka said. “I know that we each have our own personal goals but our team goals are to be closer, have more trust, and to dance more cohesively.”

Marching band has been holding practices since the week before school and has been practicing before school to get ready for this year.

“We go outside in the mornings and practice marching on the practice field.

I think we’ll do good this year,” junior Emily Brandt said.

Some band members focus more on the event preparation, and some look to the bigger picture of the new band as a whole.

“It’s exciting to kick off the season, as our first debut as a band,” freshman Lauren Anton said.

This year during the football scrimmage, they cycled through the freshman, JV, and varsity teams and pitted them against each other. Each team did three to five plays on each side and were careful to avoid revealing the plays they are planning to use for the Buhler game on Aug. 31. The scrimmage was not at full game speed and was mostly to get the player comfortably playing under ‘friday night lights”.

Fall Fest did its job in creating a bond between the players, performers, and community for the fall season.