Fresh faces

Ellen Garrett, Newtonian Content Editor

On Thursday, Aug. 16, while upperclassmen were sleeping in late and watching tv, the new freshman class was busy with their first day back.

The day was opened up by a speech from the student body president, Kate Sebes. StuCo prepared a few skits teaching the new students about dress code and lunchtime expectations.

“I liked [the skits] they were short but they were funny and got the point across,” freshman Maddie Duncan said. “I think that they should have done them for some of the other rules that lots of people mess up on like actually going through the lunch line.”

Another incoming freshman, Jodi Masters, also believes that having more explanation in the skit would be helpful.

“I liked it. I think they could have been more open and given us more directions,” Masters said.

While upperclassmen have gotten used to the current dress code, some rules included in the skit were different from Chisholm Middle School.

“I like wearing cutoffs and we can’t wear them,” freshman Santiago Castillo said.

Despite the help of StuCo skits and tours, the incoming freshmen are still nervous about their first year of high school.

“[I’m nervous about] wrestling. I wrestled at the middle school, I’m not bad but still,” Castillo said.

Several things in the transition to high school can cause anxiety. There are some required classes, such as those where students are required to perform, that incoming freshmen and even upperclassmen are afraid to take.

“I’m nervous about doing speeches in speech class in front of everyone,” Duncan said.

Overall, freshmen believe that orientation is beneficial to learn about the high school and expectations.

“On a scale from one to 10, I would be a six. I know how all my classes are and where they are but I don’t know what to bring and things like that,” Masters said.


“Yes, it’s helpful,” Castillo said.


“Yes, it’s nice,” freshman Savannah Hunsucker said.


“It’s very helpful,” Masters said.


“It was fun and very helpful,” freshman Kayla Wong said.