Students work to fundraise for upcoming trips to Europe

Caroline Barger

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Caroline Barger

Junior Gracie Hammond utilizes her photography skills to earn money for her upcoming trip to Hungary. Hammond has been working to reach the $500 mark although she has been planning for months, “I would say I started the middle to the beginning of summer. It was such a random idea. I decided I wanted to go there, so my mom told me to fundraise and that’s when I started,” Hammond said.

It is common for students from different countries to come to America and experience the life of an American. However it is not as common for a student from Newton to travel to another country and see what teenagers’ lives are like outside of America. Junior Gracie Hammond and sophomore Jaeden Cochran will each be traveling to different parts of Europe over the summer to see what life in a foreign place is like.

“I am going on the World War II trip with Ms. Gunn this summer”, Cochran said. “I have always wanted to go to Europe and Ms. Gunn approached me about this trip, and she is one of my favorite teachers because she is a lot of fun, so I figured I would go.”

Last school year Hammond opened up her home and became a host family to Anna Vinkovits, a student from Budaors, Hungary. Hammond plans to travel to Hungary in June 2017 to visit Vinkovits for several weeks.

“I want to go to Hungary because she got to come here and live with me, and live the American lifestyle and become part of my family,” Hammond said. “I have never seen her house, met any of her family, I don’t know where she lives, or know what her neighborhood is like and I would like to be able to be part of her world for a while.”

Fundraising is something that both of these students have invested their time in to help them get closer to reaching their goal. Both Cochran and Hammond have set up go fund me accounts where they are accepting donations.

“I’ve done a lot of fundraisers on my own such as Scentsy and I have made a go fund me account, where I have received donations from many of my family members. I have also done tastefully simple. That’s all I have done so far but I plan on doing more soon,” Cochran said. “The trip will be on May 30 but you don’t have to have all the money raised to go on the trip, you will still be able to pay after you go on the trip.”

Fundraising is not the only thing that these students are relying on to get them to where they need be before summertime. They are also finding other ways to earn money to set aside for their trips.

“To fundraise I have set up a go fund me account, I have a job at 701 of cafe. I do my photography on the side which brings in some money. I am also trying to think of some different fundraising opportunities, but I have been kinda busy with extracurricular activities. Now that I have more time I will be looking more into that,” Hammond said.

Along with their schoolwork and extracurriculars they have still found time to put the extra effort. The things they are doing are essential for them to be able to have the opportunity to travel outside the country.

“I have been trying to recruit and get more people to go on the trip but I haven’t had any luck yet. I think more people should take a chance and go on this trip because it will be a lot of fun, and if I can fundraise for it, anyone can,” Cochran said.


Caroline Barger
Sophomore Jaeden Cochran navigates her ‘GoFundMe’ page.

Cochran has raised $205 of her $5,000 goal. Cochran is not only excited about the money that she has raised so far, but about her experinces in Europe, “I’m looking forward to all the different culture I’ll get to see and I’m excited to get to try all the different food,” Cochran said.

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