Choose college based on self, not others

Academic fit more important than sticking with partner

Caroline Barger

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The relationships built in elementary school and sometimes throughout high school tend to play a big role on the decisions that students make. Although it may feel more comfortable to attend a college with people that have been close for many years, college is a time to look toward the future and focus on individual goals. When it comes to picking what college to attend there are many things to consider, but some students go to a school for the wrong reasons.

From the time they are little, students talk about what they will be when they grow up, but when it comes time to take the first step in completing their educational career, many factors have a negative toll on their decision. It would be great to room with a best friend and have several of the same classes as a significant other, but in college there will exposure to new people and opportunities to work towards the future. 60% of high school students plan to break up with their current boyfriends or girlfriends when they leave for college.

Instead of basing a college choice on others, it is better to choose a school based on the majors offered, graduation rate, and internships and hands-on opportunities. When choosing a school based on a major, it is important to look into the program to stay on track for graduation.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 59% of students attending college full-time for the first time in the fall of 2005 completed their bachelor’s degree within six years. Students should look at a college’s graduation rate ensure all the classes that are required will be able to be completed within four years.

Hands-on opportunities such as internships or even sororities and fraternities help to establish a foundation for a student’s field of study. There are numerous opportunities to These types of things will also benefit students even after they are graduated by filling their resume and increasing their chance of employment.
Rather than going to a school to follow a friend or a boyfriend, it is better to go into college with open eyes. There will be many chances for new experiences and it is better not to be stuck with the same friends that were made in high school. Although some people think that the person they met in high school will end up being the person that they marry, that is not always the case. 66% college students admit to having had their heart broken. When it comes to college, be opened minded and keep in mind what will be the best fit for the future rather than following the crowd.