Moyo recognized by House of Representatives, Senate

Ben Crump

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Senior Linda Moyo stands with other JAG-K leaders and Governor Jeff Colyer on Feb. 21 at the capitol building in Topeka, Kan. As the state president of JAG, Moyo was recognized by the Senate and House gallery and gave a speech during her visit.

As the state president of Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), senior Linda Moyo has many responsibilities. Moyo, along with 220 other students from across Kansas, visited state legislature buildings in Topeka on Feb. 21 as a part of their capital day.

“We got to go to the House of Representatives and sit in and be recognized,” Moyo said. “We also went to the senate house and did the same thing.”

Moyo is not only the president of JAG in Newton, but is the head president of all of Kansas which has a total 3,200 students in the program. This position and the program has afforded her a very special opportunity.

“I am the state president and I got the opportunity to meet the governor and give a speech,” Moyo said.

Moyo is the second student from Newton to hold such a position. Moyo’s involvement in the program gave her the privilege to meet Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer. Additionally, she recognizes what the JAG program does for students across the state.

“[JAG] is a class to prepare you for outside of high school, whether that’s college or technical school or just to jump right into the workforce. We learned how to do a resume, how to do taxes among other things,” Moyo said.

Moyo feels it is important class that could help many students at Newton High.

“I feel like JAG is a class everyone should be required to do,” Moyo said. It’s a class where you won’t learn Y = MX+ B because you won’t use that daily, but you will need communication and networking and life skills that JAG will teach you.”