Ventura creates beats to sell to rappers

Student uses talent to kick-start future career

Meya Green

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In the rising rap industry, young entrepreneurs are earning money through creating and selling ‘beats.’ Music artists use these beats in their songs as background noise to their raps. Junior Orlando Ventura has joined this movement and is now making money from selling his beats online.

“I use Production software, FL Studio 11 and 12, and I use Ableton Live which is on my Mac computer. I also have snare [drums]. I create everything from scratch, like I might sample some old songs like Lupet,” Ventura said.

By selling his beats, Ventura makes enough income to support himself now and in the future. He believes he will not have to attend college.

“I have sold 12 for singles or mixtapes. Only one has my name on it though because I ghost-produced it,” Ventura said.

Although Ventura makes his own beats, he usually does not receive credit when they are used.

“I mostly just ghost produce, which is like when a bigger name producer puts his name on your work,” Ventura said.

Ventura hopes that in the future he will be able to put his name on his work, but for right now, he is happy to be doing what he loves and getting paid for it. He feels proud and accomplished when people buy his beats.

“I have a lot of placements, hopefully in the future I won’t have to be ghostwriting, but it makes me really happy. I’m doing what I want to do and getting paid for it. Why wouldn’t I be happy?” Ventura said.

Ventura is into all different kinds of music. All of the sounds, beats and his love for music inspired him to create his own beats for people to buy and listen to.

“I love music, I’m into all kinds of music except for country music,” Ventura said.