Edgmon, George embrace second job

Teachers work to supplement primary income

Addie Lindenmeyer

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After the end of day bell rings, students have the good fortune of being able to go home and spend the rest of their day to their likings. Some teachers on the other hand do not receive the same prosperity. In addition to being a physical education teacher and high school wrestling coach, Tommy Edgmon earns income from a second source, an on-the-side lawn care business.

However, Edgmon is not the only teacher earning a second income. Business teacher and assistant volleyball coach Lisa George sells hair care products as a way to earn additional income.
Edgmon’s business, Point Guard Lawn Care, was initially started as a way to fill summers away from teaching.

“I never thought I would own my own business,” Edgmon said. “I started with picking up the push mower and putting it in the back of my truck, now I have two trucks and two trailers with multiple crews and employees. I thought it would always be awesome to own my own business.”

Although serving as a way to fulfill summers, Edgmon’s work with lawn care overlaps with school towards the beginning and end of the year. Edgmon has acquired the task of balancing teaching with his lawn care business. Consequently, Edgmon has devised backup plans in the event that something goes wrong such as a faulty mower.

“Trying to balance the two is rough if you run into certain problems you didn’t expect- you can’t be in two places at once. So you have to figure out a way to make things work,” Edgmon said.
George first began selling the hair care brand, Monat, this past July after using it for herself and enjoying it. Although not her own business, George said she considers selling the products to be her second job.

“I’ve always wanted to do stuff on the side or just kind of have my own business of sorts and this is something that I can do while having a full time job. It’s not easy because it is still time consuming,” George said.

George said that from selling products she has not only earned money, but enjoys the social benefits.

“I can make commissions based on sales but I also, through different promotions and things they have, get free product and eventually, if I got really into it, I can win cruise trips,” George said. “It’s also really fun because part of the way we sell it is through connections like giving out samples, but then also what we call wash parties. You actually have a party where girls get together and then for me it’s like girls night out.”

Edgmon said certain aspects of owning a second business have affected him as a teacher and coach.

“I have to be more responsible and have everything more organized,” Edgmon said. “It’s just making me see, ‘hey this is possible, why not do more?’”