Jamieson endures injury, experiences success

Ben Crump

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Jada Berry

Sophomore Jamieson Jones works on his assignments in Debra Helberg’s classroom.

Overcoming obstacles is something every student has to deal with from time to time. For sophomore Jamieson Jones, his obstacle was a major injury. Jones suffered a dislocated clavicle and would be sidelined from the sport he loved, football, for the rest of the season. He originally didn’t think much of the pain in his shoulder.

“I just thought it was a tweak or something and I’d be fine in a day or so,” Jones said.

Jones, while upset about missing out on football, worked through a lengthy rehab program for his shoulder.

“I had to stretch with bands and I had to do push-ups every other day even though I couldn’t do them,” Jones said.

Jones had to work through his injury while not being able to play the sport he wants to play at the next level, football.

“I want to play football because I’ve played football all my life,” Jones said.

While the injury kept him away, Jones is now back with the NHS basketball team, having to work harder than before.

“It made me have to push harder, work harder in everything I do, like bringing my shot up more in basketball,” Jones said.

Jones is a concentrated worker in school as well. English teacher Deb Helberg makes a large impact on Jones in his day to day schoolwork.

“Ms. Helberg [made a major impact on me], she helps me with anything I need help with,” Jones said.

Since first being in Helberg’s classes a year and a half ago, Jones has seen improvements in his work.

“Jamieson is a student who makes sure he gets all of his work completed,” Helberg said.

After his injury took him out of sports and classes for a short time, it took him some time to recover from the injury.

“After his injury Jamieson got off to a slow start, but he soon picked up the pace, caught up after being gone, and completed all of his work,” Helberg said.

Despite his clavicle forcing him to change his style of play and effecting his school work, Jones, a self-described athlete, can play without restrictions and remains fearless of the injury.

“I just focus on what I’m doing in my sport so I don’t worry about it,” Jones said.