Students share their conspiracy theories

Kaete Schmidt

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Junior Chase Cassil

“I believe that we have found other forms of life and that the government is hiding it. I feel like the government is really shady and they have a big place where nobody knows what is going on. So, it just breeds there to be a discussion about what if and what could be there.”

Senior Ivy Smith

“I believe there are different multiverses, the moon landing was fake, and the government assassinated JFK. I just think the government is really manipulative and I don’t think they tell everyone the full truth. I feel like they will try to hide stuff from us if they can.”

Senior Kenton Fox

“I believe there is suppression of different drugs and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry that are potentially life saving. There is more of an opportunity for profit when people are not healthy. Also, aliens. The wow signal is something that happened a while ago where we saw and interpreted a seemingly intelligent signal and never been able to find it again. I think the government is pretty sleazy and they just don’t tell us a lot of stuff.”

Junior Jake Rostetter

“I believe that Bush did 9/11 and that JFK was not truly assassinated by who was convicted [Lee Harvey Oswald]. I first started believing this when I first learned of them probably about freshman year. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.”