Hummingbird resells streetwear, earns profit

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While most high schoolers have jobs at fast food restaurants or bending sheet metal, sophomore Fletcher Hummingbird works from his computer. He sells streetwear, a style of clothing derived from Californian surf and skate culture, and shoes on Facebook. The job started about two years ago when he began to sell shoes that no longer fit him online. He sells shoes from a selection of popular brands.

“[I sell] Jordans, limited edition Nike shoes, or Supreme collaborations on shoes,” Hummingbird said.

The idea of selling clothes and shoes online began when Hummingbird started to grow out of his older clothes and turned to Facebook groups to get his items out to large amounts of people. After he stopped growing out of things, he still continued to buy and sell clothing and shoes.

“I wanted new things so I had to let go of things I had bought in the past,” Hummingbird said.

Over the past two years, the business has really taken off, Hummingbird’s profits have more than outweighed the costs.

“I’ve made probably about $1500 over the past two years,” Hummingbird said.

Hummingbird typically sells items for around $200, but has sold items for up to $600. Clothes sold by streetwear brands such as Supreme, Anti Social Social Club, Nike and Yeezy, are priced much higher than average brands.

“The main reason for [branded items being expensive] is that it’s just so limited and it is expensive, and it is a status symbol. It designates class,” Hummingbird said.