Tyner receives superior rating at National Thespian Conference, qualifies for internationals

Taylor Tasaka

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With scores of 21s and a 22, junior Maggie Tyner finds herself now qualified for thespian internationals. Following this high-titled score, Tyner was faced with a range of emotions. Singing “Stranger to the Rain” from the play “Children of Eden”, Tyner challenged herself to a score that suited her wide range of talents.

“When I first found out about my score, I was really surprised. My IE [qualifier] went absolutely awful. Then, the following days at school, Parker gave us our ballets and he said ‘Congratulations we have a superior ranking and now a national qualifier.’ I could not believe it but I was also very humbled and honored,” Tyner said.

The support she received following her initial performance helped reassure her post-performance jitters.

“I sang my first sentence and immediately knew it was wrong. I ended up getting back on after the second verse. I didn’t stumble but I knew it was wrong. But, after I was back to my room, Elaina came up to me and was like ‘that was amazing’ but when I explained how much I messed up she said she didn’t even notice,” Tyner said.

“I can leave everything that Maggie is going through on the wings of the stage and step into a new character and really delve into this new person.””

— Maggie Tyner

With her senior year coming close to an end, Tyner began feel the nostalgia of past theatre experiences. Since a young and impressionable age, Tyner was involved with stage. Having seen so much and being so involved with her work, Tyner has seen the rollercoaster of work and emotion it takes to pull off a successful show. She believes there is rarely a single success, but rather a team success.

“I’ve been in theater for 13 or 14 years now and I have worked with and seen the work of every single direction: choreographer, music director, techie. I know how much work just one show can take,” Tyner said.

After recollecting on countless shows, Tyner understands that her life and personality would be drastically different if it weren’t for the impacts theatre had on her.

“Drama has definitely helped me grow as a person and without drama I wouldn’t be able to work well with others. It has let me work well with others and really pushed me out of my comfort zone and any drama student can tell you that. Theatre has always been my escape from reality,” Tyner said.

Tyner believes her recent success has not been the work of a single person and it shows within the theatre and thespian “family”.

“When you’re in theater, you’re in a family. Just like any sport or dance team might be. We all have a connection and even, at times, I love-hate relationship but we all know what’s important; we’re in this together. It’s not a me event, it’s not a you event, this is an us event. It’s not just one person, it’s not just the directors show. It’s the schools show, it’s our show,” Tyner said.