Naviance implemented for students

Taylor Tasaka

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The 2017-18 school year has introduced a multitude of new technology, programs and schedules. An aspect that is a combination of all three characteristics is Naviance. Every Monday, seminar activities are replaced with completing tasks through the online program. Naviance is aimed to be a college and career readiness solution that aligns students’ strengths and interests to post-secondary goals.

“That’s why we have Naviance, because the individual plan of study is required by the state of Kansas for the 2017-18 school year. Naviance is the very best management system for the individual plan of study,” principal Lisa Moore said.

Naviance has become an information station for all things regarding college and future careers.

“All of our scholarships that we get through our office we’re putting on Naviance. It’s a central place for students to look for that. They are exploring careers and a tool that we haven’t pushed out yet is this ‘Road Trip Nation,’” counselor Alex Tyler said.

Road Trip Nation is a feature hidden within Naviance that showcases videos of student-led interviews. This allows students to explore career paths while pursuing their education and as for students who do not plan on continuing their education.

“Well that’s the thing that I like about Naviance is it has the whole career pathways and Roadtrip Nation feature. Maybe they know they’re not college-bound but if they wanted a different track it tells what training that they would need to do,” Tyler said.

No matter what the future holds for post-secondary plans, Moore believes Naviance will aid in any plan.

“Every student needs to be college and or career ready when they graduate,” Moore said.

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