National drug addiction month

Emma Pulaski

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Beyond the Game
December 17, 2018
National drug addiction month

Countless lives have been affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The U.S. dedicates each September to raising awareness and preventing addiction to these stimulants. According to a 2015 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services survey, 39 percent of high school students reported they had used marijuana at least once and 17 percent of high school students said that they had consumed alcohol before the age of 13. Teenagers reported peer pressure, stress relief, and enjoyment as reasons for becoming involved with substance abuse.

Many times students do not actively seek help. Instead, those students who administration suspects may use drugs and alcohol are referred to a counselor.

“What we like to do is provide resources for them. There’s this new Drug-Free Youth Coalition that we’re starting to get involved in. It’s just starting here and so hopefully that will be a resource that we can give to students to help them if they’re using,” counselor Alex Tyler said.

Now, four years after their substance abuse began, seniors Michael Moore and Devin Brewer have taken a stance to stop using drugs. They decided to share their testimonies at freshmen orientation in order to prevent other students from having similar experiences. Read their stories below.