Mick looks to break fathers record at 15:54

Meya Green, Staff Writer

Distance running has been a tradition for the boys of the Mick family since Richard Mick started running in high school. In 1987, Richard set the fastest time for the 5K (3.1 miles), running the distance in 15:54. Richard has been his son, senior Garrett Mick’s, motivation for attempting to beat the 5K record.

“Everyday he’s the one waking me up and getting me out of bed to go running. He’s always pushing me. If my dad wasn’t my coach, I probably wouldn’t be nearly as motivated as I am,” Garrett said.

In middle school, Garrett transitioned from football to cross country because of his father.

“I really didn’t want to run my freshman year. I was like everybody else. I was like ‘I can’t run’ and I didn’t want to. Then, I got out. It’s a really great group of kids. and I’ve met a lot of good kids along the way. It’s a great sport and my dad was definitely my biggest influence,” Garrett said.

Garrett has been preparing almost everyday since June for this cross country season and he continues to push himself.

“Do I think I can? Yes, I think I could break the record. I’m about a minute off which is a lot of time. I don’t doubt for a second that I could beat it and I don’t doubt for a second Erik Brown or Erik Jantz could beat it. I guess we’ll just have to see,” Garrett said.

Although beating that record time would be such a huge accomplishment, beating his dad may just be an even bigger personal accomplishment.

“I think he’d be super happy and excited for me, and maybe a little jealous,” Garrett said.

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