Brown begins as new athletic trainer

Ben Crump

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Abigail McEachern

Senior Hervey Medina has his hand wrapped by the new athletic trainer, Elizabeth Brown. Medina injured his hand during a fall at soccer practice.

Whenever an athlete gets an injury, a quality trainer can go a long way towards a quick recovery. This year Elizabeth Brown will replace Randy Tolle as the head athletic trainer. Brown most recently was the trainer at Kansas Wesleyan University and Salina South High School.

Brown was a multi-sport athlete in high school. She believes that an important quality of a good trainer is to establish a basis of trust.

β€œI think an athletic trainer is somebody who an athlete can go to for their injuries and they can trust that person to really help them get through something,” Brown said.

In high school, Brown had her own serious injury and required shoulder surgery. Her high school athletic trainer was there to help, which inspired her to pursue this profession.

β€œHe did everything possible to make sure I got back out on the field and he made me really fall in love with athletic training,” Brown said.

Brown loves to help athletes get back on their feet and back onto the field, and enjoys her time at Newton Athletics.