Ledesma publishing original poetry book

Taylor Tasaka

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Junior Aliah Ledesma’s world was shifted when her family relocated from Garden City to Newton in 2010. This change caused a mixture of emotions that led to an unanticipated seven year journey. The final outcome was ‘Possibility’, a book of Ledesma’s original poetry, that is scheduled to published by Eber and Wein and to sell on Amazon for $9.

“It was surrounding the idea of a cocoon because the chances of the thing in the cocoon being a butterfly or a moth are the same. Yet, a butterfly is seen as a pretty thing and a moth is seen as an ugly thing. So, ‘Possibility’, is seen as the chances of an unrequited love being something beautiful or being something ugly,” Ledesma said.

When exposed to major changes or stressful situations, some personality types will isolate themselves in order to for peace. Ten-year-old Ledesma was no exception to this rule.

“I started writing basic poetry because I hadn’t talked to anybody in four months. I had just moved to a new school and had no friends. So, I got called into the counselor’s office and she basically said I could start talking to people and making friends or a I could write to tell her how I feel,” Ledesma said.


It sucks to get your hopes up.

No wait, scratch that.

It’s the best thing to get your hopes up, and to have wishful thinking, to have an optimistic outlook on life.

To feel as if you could still see the sun even after it has set.

The thing that sucks, is being awoken to the reality that makes everything painfully obvious that everything you have hoped for is out of your reach.

The word almost, is the absolute worst.

The word maybe, is tolerable.

The word possibility, is what my tombstone is marked with”

— Aliah Ledesma

Since writing is Ledesma’s outlet to express her misfit emotions, ‘Possibility’ has become a work that she holds close to her heart.

“‘Possibility’ is super personal. It’s kind of like a journal in some ways, something that I have kept with me for seven years,” Ledesma said. “I was kind of insecure about it at first but at the same time I didn’t want to dwell on other people’s thoughts about it. I am pretty sure I’m just going to put it out there and whoever wants to say whatever they want to, they can. They’re my words and I don’t want anybody to take that away from me.”

Ledesma hopes ‘Possibility’ can give the same comfort to others as she experienced while writing it. “In a way I hope people are able to relate to this, but at the same time I hope there aren’t people who feel this way because it’s a terrible feeling.” Ledesma said.

Ledesma incorporates her writing schedule with her school schedule. Writing and editing 15,000 words per day, Ledesma is a strong believer that practice makes perfect.

“Basically, just write. You shouldn’t have your end goal to be published. It should just be to write a quality story and to write what you’re passionate about.” Ledesma said.

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