Students’ opinions on ID requirement

    IDs should not be required

    Aspen Olson, Junior Guest Columnist

    Personally, I do not like that we have to wear ID badges at school. They are a hassle to deal with and many students find it annoying. Many of the lanyards distributed by the school have broken and we are now expected to purchase new lanyards or clips on our own for something we do not even want to wear.

    I understand they are for our safety, but it is pointless because the rules are not enforced. I see plenty of students not wearing IDs and not getting in trouble. If someone who was not supposed to be at school were to get inside the building, it is likely to go unnoticed because so many students do not wear them. Wearing IDs does not do any good if the rules are not enforced. An office referral for forgetting to wear your ID seems a little harsh to me. If students who did not wear their ID was sent to the office it would be flooded. This takes unnecessary time away from learning, and causes more issues than it solves. Wearing your ID is just an inconvenience for everyone.

    Eli Boese, Senior Guest Columnist

    IDs should be required

    With the newest implementation of security measures, mixed feelings surround the ID cards students are required to wear. It is understandable why the administration made this decision, after Columbine, Newtown and Excel.

    The decision was overdue. The Newtown shooting should have been a wake up call to the nation that schools are not safe, despite small town status. It should not have taken a shooting ten minutes down the road that killed four people to move school administration into action.

    The name tags are necessary and with them, administration has taken the safety of their students into consideration. However, the execution of this rule is questionable. How will it be enforced? How can the administration expect perfection from students when no reprisals have been given? The ID tags are necessary but are not enforced readily by the administration.