Akers to begin collegiate career in new sport

Lauren Mitchell

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Many may know senior Megan Akers from the roles she has played in Newton athletics, as a vocal leader on the volleyball court, an aggressive basketball forward, and the anchor of the defensive line for the girls’ soccer team. While Akers has participated in volleyball, basketball and soccer since she was in elementary school, she has decided to pursue an interest in rowing at Kansas University next year.

“I was interested in it and I filled out a recruitment thing on their website. Their coach emailed me and it went from there. I was like ‘why not try it?’ I have always thought it was cool so I just went for it. I have told myself that I’ve played the same three sports my whole life, so why not try something new in college,” Akers said.

Akers has not had experience in rowing, but is looking forward to the challenge learning a new sport will present. Currently, she is preparing for the sport by staying in the best physical condition.

“They just said to stay in shape, keep running and keep lifting and that’s about all I can do right now. They don’t want me to row until I get there because since I have never rowed before, they want to teach me their techniques and how to row and stuff,” Akers said.

Like Akers, many of the KU rowing recruits are new to the sport when they come into the program. All around athletes are ideal recruits.

“That is a lot of how it is, but they do have some that come in that have experience. It’s mainly people that haven’t,” Akers said.

Like the other sports she plays, Akers said rowing has an intense nature. However, one of the main differences she will have to adjust to will be the large size of the team.

“There are so many people on the team. I think there is 75. So I think it will just be fun to get close with the team and it is just very competitive,” Akers said.

After visiting KU, Akers made a quick decision to join the rowing program.

“I went on my visit in November and they offered me there. A week later, I committed and signed. I think I’ll row all four years,” Akers said.