State tennis to conflict with commencement ceremony

Payton Fenwick

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The boys tennis team is headed to state on the same day that seniors take a step into the real world. Seniors participating on the team this year must rush from the state tournament in Topeka back to Fischer Field for graduation.

“I try not to really worry about anything other than tennis when I am playing and to just focus and then worry about getting to where I need to be after I am done,” senior Brandon Murrell said. “So I guess the plan is to just be ready when I’m done and get to where I need to go as soon as possible.”

Not only do students have to make a plan to make it back for graduation, but they had to do the same for prom as well.

“I would say that tennis comes first in those situations, to me at least, probably not my parents. I had a tournament last year on prom that was even longer than the one this year and it planned out so that we could get ready at a friend’s apartment and we ended up just eating chipotle and still had a blast,” Murrell said.

Students had to come up with a plan and strategy to make it back to the school on time. For Murrell, there is no other choice except to do his best and to try and make it back in time.

“I do not know if I have the option [to skip the tournament], but that has never remotely crossed my mind. If I didn’t play I would feel like all of the work I have put in has been wasted and that I would also be letting my teammates down, especially when it comes to state. I love tennis too much to just skip out on playing for a reason like that,” Murrell said.

Graduation is on Saturday, May 13 at Fischer Field. The boys tennis team is competing at Topeka West High School with the first round starting at 11:20. Murrell and his fellow seniors seem confident on finding their way back to Newton in time to receive their diplomas.