Students should not be afraid to try new things, stand out

Michaela Regier

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Dear freshman Michaela,
First of all I just want to send you some shocking news. You know Donald Trump? He’s our president. It is now cool to wear overalls, corduroy, and almost anything else from the 90’s. You currently own a banjo, 56 records, 21 comics, and have a dead cactus sitting on your window sill, just like every other teenager. Between North Newton and all the young people, Harvey County is now somewhat blue. Everyone is obsessed with eyebrows and art now but you are good at neither.

Now to all the cliche advice. Don’t care about what others think of your socks and sandals. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Be outgoing and play the embarrassing games at the pep assembly because you never know when the last one will be taken away from you?

Friend groups will expand, reduce, and change all together. This is okay. It doesn’t matter who you hang out with, or even just talk to at school as long as they are kind and help you to grow as a person. Whoever your friends are, love them unconditionally. Listen and take care of them but know when it is time to take care of yourself. Be honest with them under all circumstances. Watch the sunrise with them and celebrate birthdays and forgive them because you never know what could happen in even an hour’s time.

Stay away from drama. Don’t instigate, join in or even listen to it. Whether it is true or not, it is much better to look at people optimistically without knowing their secrets. Care more about people by caring less.

Get to know your teachers. They have much more than a degree and a dying projector bulb.

Trick the entire school to think Minion Prom is happening.

Create your own political beliefs and don’t join in the conversation until you are decided. Being apart of something just to seem important is ridiculous, yet everyone does it. Not just in politics but in life.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about a senior prank, because that too will be taken from you.

Take a variety of classes and stop just doing the work for completion. Actually try to learn and retain information.

Most importantly, it is okay to not know. You do not know everything. You do not know anything really. The concept of time will never make sense. You will never know if the dress is blue and black or gold and white. It is okay to not know what you are passionate about or what you want to be when you grow up. It is okay to question your religion and it is even encouraged. Question all these things but don’t lose yourself while doing it. Stay true to your morals and when you get lost ask your family and mentors.

Get off your phone. This is the most possibly the most common and most ignored advice from the world. You won’t remember what was trending. You will remember the spontaneous IHOP trips. You will remember the football games in the rain that never happened. You will remember car jams and cheap concerts. Drubers is more important than Netflix. An intense game of extreme spoons is more important than angry snapchats about trains. Memories of your adolescence are more important than Chewbacca mom.

Sincerely, senior Michaela