Awareness for underrated activities essential

Benton Dreasher

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When the band comes around playing the fight song, followed by the athletic teams, one thing comes to the mind of few: Only the athletics teams come around when in fact there are actually many forms of competition that are not sports that require recognition as well.

Some of these forms of competition include BPA, FFA, Scholars Bowl, Debate and Forensics. Now, the thing that is similar between all of these, is that they all get little to no recognition and support.

The way many people see accomplishments and recognition in school goes a lot like this: A lot of people get recognition and support for the accomplishments students make in sports, then there are a few more people that get support and recognition for academic accomplishments. Then there are the students that are left in the middle.

Blog Writer Mike Crawley said, “In school, there is a need for recognition. There is a need for recognition for everyone and can be very necessary to success.” Those students that are left in the middle get zero recognition for the work students do and what they accomplish, despite recognition being needed.

According to Steve Korker, a writer for, there are many perks to recognition such as it encourages extra effort and makes people a lot more sociable. Kim Harrison, a writer for, stated that recognition is a fundamental human need and without it, people will lose interest and will not feel a need to try anymore. Meaning that there are plenty of reasons why recognition is in fact very.

In school there is an absolute need for recognition of accomplishment. But there has been a lack of this for the students who partake in the less athletic forms of competition. These students need recognition as well. Students should start to change that, giving more recognition to the alternative competition teams.